Proper care of your tires will prolong the life of the tire
and maximize performance.


Never exceed the loading & accessory restrictions found in your motorcycle owner's manual or the maximum load displayed on the tire sidewall.  Know your vehicle load weight.

Check air pressure at frequent regular intervals, including just before and during long trips.

Not all tire gauges are the same. Many cheap gauges can be off by more than 5psi, use a good quality guage.

Main Factors Governing Tire Life/Milage:
*Load  *Running Speed   *Wheel Condition   *Wheelspin   *Inflation Pressure   *Riding Style   *Proper Storage   *Temperature   *Mounting   *Nature of Road Surface

*Never use a tire dressing on motorcycle tires (such as Armor-All or cleaning foam) this will cause it to be slippery and harden the rubber of your tires.

Do not allow the tires to wear smooth before replacing them. Tires have a wear indicator on them. When the remaining tread depth is only .8mm (1/32 inch) it's time to invest in new tires. In UT tires are legally worn out when tread depth is down to 2/32.

If your steering response is slow or mushy, or if cornering & braking response is heavy, there's a good chance your tires are under-inflated. Vibration or wobble may signal that actual tire damage has occured & failure is imminent.

Inspect your tires before every ride. Look for irregular wear, any signs of cracking in the sidewalls & tread, blisters, knots, cuts, or punctures. Immediately remove and replace damaged tires.

Storage Tips: (If it's going to be parked 30 days or longer)
*Make sure tires are inflated to the maximum tire pressure recommended.
*Placing 1/4" or 1/2" piece cardboard or board under the tires to keep the rubber from being directly on a frozen surface.